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Free Family Days


AMOCA is proud to offer free wonderful opportunities for children and families to spend quality time together while learning about their world and art together. Every exhibition that AMOCA produces includes a Free Family Day workshop – a program that’s free to ceramic enthusiasts of all ages. AMOCA has scheduled the following Free Family Days for our upcoming exhibitions. These coincide with the Pomona Unified School District calendar. Family days are sponsored by Edison International. RSVP is required.

General Information

Family Day Hours: 1pm – 4pm

All are welcome to participate.

Children must have adult supervision.

Family Days for 2014 – MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

January 25th, 2014 – Tribute to Paul Soldner: Knee Bowls

Paul Soldner was a local ceramic artist and professor at Scripps College in Claremont, CA. He introduced Americans to new methods of firing and post firing known as American Raku. American Raku is made by heating the pottery quickly to high temperatures and then cooling it quickly. Raku has a variety of results and intense color. This means that no pot is the same! Join us on January 25th from 1PM – 4PM as we honor Paul Soldner by creating your very own knee bowl.

March 22nd, 2014 – Tribute to Peter Voulkos: Wheel Throwing Alterations

Peter Voulkos was known for his abstract ceramic sculptures. This means that his artwork may not look like an animal, a person, or known object. First he would throw a bowl or cylinder on the wheel and then he would alter the piece. He was known to tear, pound, and poke the surface of his art pieces. Stop by the museum on March 22nd from 1PM – 4PM for the chance to alter your own wheel-thrown piece. Please note: This is not a chance to wheel-throw.

May 24th, 2014 – Tribute to Betty Davenport Ford: Animal Wall Hangings

Betty Davenport Ford is known for her creative ways of making animal sculptures. As a child she enjoyed working with models and carving images. Sometimes she even invented her own toys. At school, she learned how to create her very own artwork. Throughout her career she worked as an artist and a teacher. She taught many students all ranging in age. Come on May 24th from 1PM – 4PM learn how to make your very own animal wall hangings to decorate your home.

July 26th, 2014 – Tribute to Jose Posada’s La Catrina

Catrinas, or elegant ladies, can be found all over Mexico and in Southern California. She is one of the most recognized Mexican folk icons. These elegant ladies originated from the artist, Jose Posada, who was able to capture emotion in his drawings. People can relate to these catrinas as they communicate and educate about political, historical, and social subjects, even reinterpreting Mexican Folk Songs. Join us on July 26th from 1PM – 4PM to make your very own Catrina or a Catrin, an elegant gentleman.

Sept 27th,2014 – Tribute to Harrison McIntosh, Wheel Throwing

In September, AMOCA will be celebrating Harrison McIntosh’s 100 Birthday with an exhibition featuring 100 pieces of his timeless creations.  Known for flawless curves, Modernist influences and perfectionist work ethic, his work has become part of museum collections all over the world.  Join us as AMOCA celebrates Harrison McIntosh on September 27th from 1PM – 4PM by learning to wheel throw and create your own cup or vase.





Spring, 2015 – AMOCA’S 10th Year Anniversary

The museum’s founder, Mr. David Armstrong, a strong supporter of ceramic art, studied under Paul Soldner.  Mr. Armstrong enjoys working on the wheel to create functional items such as cups and bowls or to create sculpture like Paul Soldner and Peter Voulkos. Join us as AMOCA celebrates its 10th year anniversary by creating your very own cup or bowl. DATE TBD