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Association of Clay and Glass Artists


AMOCA welcomes to THE VAULT three members of the Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California (ACGA). ACGA promotes the highest standards of craftsmanship and showcases the best of ceramic art.Annette Corcoran, Bill Heiderich and Mark Goudy create ceramic artwork that reflects ACGA’s lofty goals, yet each has a distinct style and approach to clay. Annette uses naturalism and realism to express her love of birds and their native habitats with her exquisite, hand-built porcelain sculpture. Bill combines the traditions of pottery and sculpture to construct lively forms which he animates with color, repetition and visual balance. And Mark creates intimate burnished vessels that are abstractly patterned with soluble metal salts; they evoke the timeless beauty of the natural world.We hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as we did selecting it.Beverly Crist and Jan Schachter, Curators