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girl scout

Scouts Day – Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 14, 2016 Your scouts can earn a badge at AMOCA’s Scouts Day. Docents will take your group on a tour of the museum’s current exhibitions and ceramic studio. The will learn how clay is made, stored and recycled. They will also learn how wedging improves the clay, how artwork is stored during the creative […]

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Naomi Kadnoff: Masked Revealed

Exhibition Dates: April 9-May 8, 2016 Naomi Kadinoff is a sculptor from the Boston area, who lives and works in Irvine, California. Kadinoff is fascinated by human nature. She finds humankind captivating, complete with their delicate dispositions and a vast myriad of idiosyncrasies. Her work can be unsettling and visceral, while the tactile qualities of […]

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Jim Romberg & Patrick Crabb

Exhibition Dates: October 10 – November 9, 2015. Reception, Saturday, October 17th, 7:00pm-9:00pm                         Jim Romberg is a Professor Emeritus from Southern Oregon University where he headed the Ceramics Department for nineteen years. He is currently living in Sedona, Arizona where he maintains his […]

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Jeff Blandford

Jeff Blandford: Life Behind the Wheel

Exhibition Dates: September 12 – December 27, 2015.   Jeff Blandford, creates voluptuous and modern work at his organic farm in Michigan. Blandford feels that since, “… colors and forms can have a physical affect on us, I believe quality design can change the atmosphere and experience of a person who is engaged in it.” […]

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Carolyn Lee: Arbitrary Subversion

Exhibition Dates: August 8 – September 6, 2015   Carolyn Lee was born in Burbank, California. By age 15, she was exploring multi-media artistic expression. While in college, she studied wheel thrown pottery and was inspired by masters such as Ruth Duckworth, Warren Mackenzie, and Harrison Macintosh. Lee holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University […]

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Jillian O’Dwyer: Geared

Exhibition Dates: August 8 – September 6, 2015     Jillian O’Dwyer got hooked on ceramics during college and has been working in clay since. O’Dwyer focuses mainly on creating hand built, functional pieces. When she’s not creating her own work she teaches hand building techniques to both children and adults. She is an Instructor […]

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Rochefort - dwarf1_600 square

Brian Rochefort in the Vault

April 11 – August 2, 2015                 “Brian Rochefort’s unedited ‘gloop’ sculptures represent a relentless material romance. These sculptures represent a blending of old and new ceramic techniques. These perfectly mis-informed hollow, ceramic vessels are at once complimentary to one another while each retains their own distinct composition […]

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