eBay Auction to Support AMOCA • May 12-21, 2017

This a great opportunity to own some wonderful artwork from emerging talents and established artists while at the same time supporting The American Museum of Ceramic Arts! All bids will start at $1.00 with no reserves.

Special Thanks to the participating artists: Marion Baxter, Ann Bontatibus, Peter Callas, Sheri Chillingworth, Andrew DeWitt, Irene Feiks, Bob Kann, Jordan Larson, Grace Eunchong Lee, Gary Lindman, Kevin Myers, Kent Tool, Emil Yanos, Hideo C. Yoshida, Arturo Vasquez, and Carl Zaptiff.

AMOCA is one of the largest museum and studios for ceramics in the country. The museum’s exceptional art exhibitions, educational programs, and studio ceramics classes continue to grow to meet the needs and interests of an ever-widening community. Below are some of the pieces that will be in the auction.


Peter Callas, 4.5x5x5.25″

Kent Tool, 12x12x7″

Kevin Myers, 5.25×4.5×3.25″

Marion Baxter, 6×5.5×7″

Jordon Larson, 4.25×4.75×2.75″

Carl Zaptiff, 8.75x11x2.5″

Arturo Vasquez, 5.75x9x13.25″

Bob Kann, 6.75×2.75×11.25″

Gary Lindman, 8×8.5×8.25″

Grace Eunchong Lee, 13x13x13″

Left: Sheri Chillingworth, 9x17x9″

Andrew DeWitt, 8.5×5.5×10.25″

Ann Bontatibus, 11.25×2.5×19″

Irene Feiks, 7.25×4.5×14″

Hideo C. Yoshida, 10x4x8.5″

Emil Yanos, 5.25×3.7.5×9″

Monterey Pottery, 7×2.75×2.75″

Gladding McBean, 10×4.25×4.25″

Left: Gladding McBean, 8×4.75×3.25″

Gladding McBean, 9.5×7.25×7.25″

Gladding McBean, 3.75×4.25×4.25″