Film Screening – Out of the Fire



Out of the Fire  offers an absorbing look into the little-known world of wood-firing potters, who use ancient, labor intensive techniques to achieve stunning, unique surfaces on their pots – surfaces enhanced by fire markings, and melted wood ash.

Join potter Kevin Crowe, apprentice Krista Loomans, and their dedicated crew as they complete a four day, high-temperature kiln firing of nearly 2000 clay pots. In this kiln, nearly six months worth of work – and income – are at stake.
But this inspiring film is not just about making pots. It is also about a way of life, and forging an individual life path. The film explores the drive to create, the importance of community, and the roles of risk-taking, focus, and authenticity in creating the best possible work – and living life to the fullest.​


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