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Interns are an essential part of AMOCA’s operations and staff. AMOCA is proud to offer both paid and unpaid internships to students interested in pursuing careers in the arts. Many of our staff members got their starts in the museum field with internships and it is our pleasure to continue encouraging students to pursue careers in non-profit organizations through our intern programs.

Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships are available to persons wishing to gain practical experience in the museum or non-profit sectors. Unpaid interns are eligible to receive credit through their schools and our volunteer coordinator will work with you to develop a program to give you experience in your field of study, as it applies to AMOCA’s mission. We have unpaid internships year-round. To apply, please email your resume and a letter of intent to Angie Reyes at

Paid Internships – Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internships

There are no paid internships at this moment. Check during the month of April of each year for application details.