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So-Cal Ceramic Academia

Presented in support of ceramic education, is a biennial exhibition that underscores the importance of college-level ceramics programs. The exhibition is an opportunity to view a wide variety of ceramic artworks created by Southern California college/university professors and select advanced students. For the first time this year, we have the participation of Northern California ceramic professors. From contemporary sculpture, to experimental clay, to conceptual ceramics, to traditional pottery, this exhibition identifies what’s happening now with clay in the academia of fine arts.The exhibition also acts as a fundraiser to support both the artists and AMOCA’s ceramic educational programs. Everything on exhibit is for sale.

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Tanya Batura

This year’s Featured Artist is USC and CSUN Adjunct Professor, Tanya Batura.

Tanya Batura is an artist with a predisposition toward the absurd, the incongruous, and the dispossessed. Working in ceramics, a medium that has its detractors and supporters, Batura’s work defies even its own materiality, transforming the often staid and predictable parameters of the medium toward a more cohesive and deliberately forceful sensibility.

I use clay to create psychological and dark figures. These figures are derived from abstracted close-ups and headshots of plastic surgery, pornography, burn trauma, facial prosthesis, and dental procedures. I am interested in these images because of their vulnerability and latent sensuality. Removing these images from their original context allows accentuation of these qualities, causing the resulting work to vacillate between the poles of pleasure and pain, the sublime and grotesque.

Tanya Batura’s work has been widely exhibited and reviewed in many high profile magazines including Beautiful Decay, The Los Angeles Times, Art Ltd. Art Scene and The LA Weekly. Her work was exhibited in the 2005 Rogue Wave exhibition at LA Louver, and several of her sculptures have been placed in museum collections including The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas, The Portland Art Museum and The Arizona State Art Museum. She lives and works in Los Angeles.