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Mettlach: Medival to Modern (Lower Level)

AMOCA’s Mettlach exhibition is made possible by Robert D. and Colette D. Wilson, who accumulated a huge number of Mettlach pieces over a 30-year period. AMOCA now houses their entire 3,000 piece Mettlach Collection, the largest collection of Mettlach wares (dating from c. 1840-1915) in the world. Currently we have several hundred pieces on display in the lower level of our museum.

A number of different methods of production and decoration will be shown: slip casting, applied relief, etched, cameo, and printed transfer. In addition, a wide variety of themes and symbols will be represented. Terms such as Renaissance in spirit, or naturalistic are used to describe decorative embellishments on Mettlach ware. The works display folk scenes, legends, mythological representations, or Biblical stories, and the designs were inspired by a wide range of styles: Japanese, English Pre-Raphaelite, Delft, and even Art Nouveau.


Villeroy & Boch Mettlach Steins (3)