Patsy Cox: Romanesco Fractals


Lecture: March 8, 7:00pm

February 8, 2014 -March 30, 2014

Structure, activity and growth found both in nature and the urban landscape are emulated and celebrated through the use of modular units in my installation-based work that configure and reconfigure with each manifestation.Romanesco Fractals, began with a fascination of the Romanesco Broccoli, an edible variant of the cauliflower. This striking form found in nature presents itself as a natural fractal with each bud made up of a series of smaller buds arranged in a logarithmic spiral.  The power concentration or “syntropy” of spirals as they move inward stimulates extreme accumulation. My forms, each self-repeating, and self-similar are inspired by these growth patterns. The work from afar may appear as stagnant solid objects inviting closer inspection and interaction as they begin to define the space. The forms are meant to overwhelm the eye and environment with repetition and activity in celebration of the power and beauty found in nature.
patsy cox_title wall

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