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Scout Workshops

Scouts Day: April 4, 2015

Thank you for your interest in attending Scouts Day at AMOCA!

Your scouts can earn a badge at AMOCA’s Scouts Day.  Docents will take your group on a tour of the museum’s current exhibitions and ceramic studio.  The will learn how clay is made, stored and recycled.  They will also learn how wedging improves the clay, how artwork is stored during the creative process and how the artwork is fired.

Scouts will discover different firing methods available at AMOCA. Scouts will see the insides of the kilns, learn how kilns work, and see one in action! Scouts can also learn what glazes are made from and discuss major glazing techniques such as dipping, pouring, spraying, painting and sponging.

Scouts will enjoy getting dirty in the AMOCA Ceramics Studio. We offer the opportunity to work in clay. Your scout will be able to create their very own hand-built pot or sculpture based on their troop level.

At the end of the workshop, the scouts will have their worksheets completed and be able to receive their merit badge. If your troop or organization has specific merit badge requirements beyond those covered here, our staff will work with you to create a workshop that meet the additional requirements.

The event fee is $20 per person and includes:

Day 1 – Three Hours (April 4, 2015)

  • Museum admission with a field guide and docent led tour
  • Collection Manager Talk about historical pottery. Scouts will get a chance to see pottery up close.
  • A chance to make a hand-built pot or a sculpture
  • Artist demonstration on the wheel
  • 2 chaperons are free per scout troop. This does not include the clay activity.

Day 2 – One Hour  (May 2, 2015), additional time required for drying and firing

  • Glazing workshop


Additional Registration Information

You must pre-register and pay a 50% deposit by March 26, 2015.

Badges are not sold at the museum. However, you may purchase an AMOCA patch for $4.00. Limited stock available.

To register your troop, please call AMOCA’s Education Manager, Angie Reyes at 909-865-3146 x105 or email


Frequently Ask Questions:

What information do I need before I register my troop?

You will need the troop leader’s contact information, the type of troop you have, the number of scouts you will be bringing, your preferred workshop time, and your preferred glazing time. Workshop slots begin every half hour from 11AM – 3PM.

Can additional chaperons accompany the scouts?

Yes they can! Additional chaperons are welcomed at $7 a person. This does not include the clay activity.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Paid events are eligible for a refund with a 7 day cancellation notice.

What happens if one of my scouts gets ill or not everyone shows up on the day of the workshop?

Unfortunately we are unable to give refunds on the day of the event. Paid events are eligible for a refund with a 7 day cancellation notice.

What happens if I paid for 20 scouts but an additional 5 scouts would like to come to the event?

Contact us immediately so we can make sure there is space available. After March 26, 2015 registration will increase to $25 per scout. On the day of the event, the door price will be $30 per scout.

Can Boy Scouts participate?

Yes they can!  At AMOCA Boy Scouts can earn the pottery badge or the sculpture badge.

My child is not in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts but is in another scout group, can they participate?

Yes they can! Scouts Day is open to the following Scout-like Associations are welcome to participate: American Heritage Girls, Camp Fire, Earth Champs, Kids for Earth, Planet Earth Scouts, Frontier Girls, Navigators USA, SpiralScouts, Woodcraft Rangers, Calvinist Cadet Corps, Christian Service Brigade, GEMS Girls Clubs, Columbian Squires, Pathfinders, Royal Ambassadors, and Royal Rangers.

Can my non-scout child participate?

Unfortunately they cannot participate. However, we encourage you to come to one of AMOCA’s Family Days or sign up for a kids class.

My child is not in any scout group, can they still participate?

Unfortunately they cannot participate. However, we encourage you to come to one of AMOCA’s Family Days (LINK) or sign up for a kids class.


If you have additional questions, please call the museum at 909-865-3146 ext. 105 or e-mail Angie Reyes, the Education Manager at