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Scout Workshops

DSCF4291Thank you for your interest in having a scout workshop at AMOCA! Scout workshops are handled by AMOCA’s Education Manager, Angie Reyes. To schedule a workshop for your troop, please email her at

The cost for each scout is $10 for a two day workshop and includes the following:

Day 1 – three hours

  • Museum admission with a field guide and docent led tour
  • Collection Manager Talk about historical pottery. Scouts will get a chance to see pottery up close.
  • A chance to make a hand-built pot or a sculpture
  • Artist demonstration on the wheel

Day 2 (happens two weeks later due to drying and firing) – one hour

  • Glazing

At the end of the workshop, the scouts should have their worksheets completed and be able to receive their merit badge. If your troop or organization has specific merit badge requirements beyond those covered here, we will work with you to create a workshop that meets them.

One of the great advantages to earning your badge in our studio is that you’ll be able to see how we handle our pottery and sculpture. We’ll take a tour and discuss how moist clay is stored, how used clay is reclaimed, how wedging improves the clay, and how work in progress is stored at different stages of the drying process. Stages such as leather hard, bone dry, bisque and glaze ware will be discussed.

Another great thing about visiting the studio is the opportunity for students to learn about different firing methods available at this location. Scouts will have the opportunity to see the insides of the kilns, discuss how they work, and probably see one in action. Scouts can also learn what glazes are made from, and what happens to them in the kiln.

Then we’ll demonstrate or discuss most of the major glazing techniques: dipping, pouring, spraying, painting and sponging.

Please be advised that you must sign up at least two weeks in advance and pay before the workshop in order to have supplies purchased. Glazing will take place in another session.

Badges are not sold at the museum. However, you are welcome to purchase an AMOCA patch for $4.

Available Projects:

  • Piggy Banks – All Ages
  • Fish – All Ages
  • Teapot – Ages 8-9
  • Lantern – Ages 10-12
  • Sasumi Tray – Ages 5-7
  • Greek Vase – Ages 8-9
  • Persian Tile – All Ages
  • Jar – Ages 10-12
  • Jewelry Box – Ages 8-9

IMG 021Open Scouting Days – Next Scouting Day: December 6, 2014

We offer periodic “Open” scouting days for individual scouts or smaller troops to work on their badge. We will begin in the museum discussion the current exhibit.

Afterwards we will move down into the studio and discuss clay: how it was formed and its unique characteristics and historical uses.

Pinch pots will be demonstrated and each scout will be able to make one, stretching the clay and discovering limits of form and texture. The traditional coil method will be demonstrated, and then each scout will experiment with this forming technique. Slab construction will be demonstrated, rolling out the slabs with a rolling pin and discussing how our slab roller works.

Throwing on the potter’s wheel will be demonstrated and discussed with the group.