AMOCA Ceramics Studio is here to support your creativity!

Updated April 30, 2020.

Studio spaces available

Available options for semi-private and private studios include:

  • 8′ x 10′ semi-private studio spaces for $350/month 
  • 6′ x 6′ semi-private studio spaces for $225/month
  • Private studios are also available for $500-700/month 

One-time charges of of $125 each for key and security deposits are taken at the start of a rental (both of these are refundable). A monthly lease agreement is required, and you will have 24 hour studio access. For more information about renting a studio, email Heidi Kreitchet at hkreitchet@amoca.org or Tim at studiotech@amoca.org or call the studio at 909.622.0464.

To learn more about studio membership, click here.

Member Services

  • The studio will remain closed for the month of May; however, it is available to a limited number of people by appointment only. To make an appointment, email Heidi at hkreitchet@amoca.org or Tim at studiotech@amoca.org or call the studio at 909.622.0464.
    • Services available during the appointment:
      • Drop off greenware
      • Look for bisqueware
      • Glaze bisque’d pieces
  • Clay delivery service is available. The following clay is currently available (at this time there are no House clays available):
    • BMix smooth
    • BMix with Grog
    • Soldate 60
    • Dark Brown
    • HBCA
    • Amador
    • JSRH
    • Buff Sculpture 
  • For those of you working at home, the following delivery services are available: 
    • Greenware pick-up
    • Glaze delivery
    • Delivery of finished work

There is no delivery charge through the month of May; however, this is subject to change if the shut down lasts through June.

Firing Services

Firing services are still available. If you would like to rent a kiln, please contact Heidi at hkreitchet@amoca.org or Tim at studiotech@amoca.org, or call the studio at 909.622.0464.

To learn more about firing services, click here.


  • Summer classes are scheduled to start in July, dependent on quarantine regulations. The plan as of now is to have reduced class sizes of not more than 5 students; however, it is possible that these classes may be cancelled.
    • We hope to offer adult and youth drawing, sculpting, and hand building classes. There will be no wheel classes. 
  • Youth classes have been moved online. 
  • Clay Camp has been cancelled.

Philanthropic Items

  • In order to show our appreciation for the people who have been working during this pandemic, there are plans to make heart ornaments for local hospitals, nurses, essential workers, etc. If you would like to participate by helping us make and/or glaze these heart ornaments, please contact Heidi at hkreitchet@amoca.org
  • Sponsor an Artist – If you would like to sponsor a resident artist the cost for one month is $300.00 – (Semi-private studio $225.00 6 x 6 space, clay stipend). Please contact Heidi know if you are interested in sponsoring a resident artist.
  • Donations to the studio – If you would like to contribute to our Studio Equipment Fund, please call the studio at 909.622.0464.