We the People: Serving Notice

August 5 – December 30, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 12, 6-9pm

Beth Ann Gerstein, AMOCA’s Executive Director will provide an overview of the exhibition and participating artists Nuala Creed and Courtney Mattison will discuss their work and inspiration @ 6:30pm.

Our current political and social climate is arguably one of the more divisive and turbulent periods in the past 50 years. There are feelings of anger, sadness, and fear ― but also of hope, compassion, and unity.

Historically, museums have long been at the forefront of presenting and preserving our cultural values through their exhibitions and collections. Artists have reflected and documented what is happening in their communities and in society. Through their artwork, they have the opportunity to encourage contemplation, conversation, and/or action on some of the most important issues of our lifetime. With that said, AMOCA has invited artists from across the country to “serve notice” on a range of issues including: capital punishment; environmental protection; freedom of speech; gender equality; human rights; immigration; racism; wildlife protection; and women’s rights.

Jesse Albrecht
Wesley Anderegg
Kurt Anderson
Natalia Arbelaez
Clayton Bailey
Lesley Claire Baker
Boris Bally
Tom Bartel
Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Molly Bishop
Birdie Boone
Jessica Brandl
William Brouillard
Klai Brown
Jessica Calderwood
Sophia Cangelosi
Matthew Causey
Adam Chau
Cynthia Consentino
Michael Corney
Nuala Creed
Marc Digeros
Morel Doucet
East Fork Pottery
Christina Erives
Keiko Fukazawa
Lauren Gallaspy
Julia Galloway
Dave Gordon
Betsy Greer
Bianka Groves
Adam Gruetzmacher
Nicole Gugliotti
Wesley Harvey
Ayumi Horie
Jeff Irwin
Pancho Jimenez
Elliott Kayser
Kristen Kieffer
Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.
Kathy King
Brian Kohl
Courtney M. Leonard
Scott Lenhardt
Beth Lo
Roberto Lugo
Alex Matisse
Courtney Mattison
Kristina Micotti
Nikki Mizak
Nick Moen
Nathan Murray
Scott Nash
Ronna Neuenschwander
Matt Nolen
Peter Olson
Doug Peltzman
Ian M. Petrie
Peter Pincus
Jessica Putnam-Phillips
Seth Rainville
Klein Reid
Justin Rothshank
Hope Rovelto
Jos Sances
Nancy Selvin
Danez Smith
Kevin Snipes
Melissa Stern
Michelle Summers
Mara Superior
Joan Takayama-Ogawa
Zach Tate
Shannon Tovey
Sandra Trujillo
Shalene Valenzuela
Patti Warashina
Stan Welsh
Renee Zettle-Sterling


Image: Patti Warashina, Kimchi Chaos, 9.5″ x 17.5″ x 17.5″, 2013