Studio Membership

Join our community of artists and craftspeople working in the facility on a regular basis.

The studio’s program is designed for artists with experience in ceramics who are comfortable working independently with clay through the final glazing process. To sign up for the studio’s program, contact the studio at 909-622-0464 or to make an appointment for an entrance interview and studio tour.

Most members maintain a monthly membership:

Monthly Studio Membership Types Price
1 month College Student Membership (with valid ID)$75
1 month Senior Membership (65+ years old)$125
1 month General Membership$200
3 month General Membership$550
6 month General Membership$850
12 month General Membership$1,500

Day Passes are also available:

Studio Membership Day PassesPrice
Day Pass$45
Day Pass 4-Pack$125

Among the numerous benefits listed below, members can use the studio weekly according to the following schedule:

Member Studio Weekly AccessHours
Tuesday10 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday10 AM – 9 PM
Thursday10 AM – 9 PM
Friday10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday12 PM – 6 PM

Clay Supplies & Firings

All clay used in the studio must be purchased in-house. No outside clay allowed.

Prices for clay range from $20-$35 for a 25 lb bag.

Price of clay includes house stains, waxes, cone 10 glazes, bisque and cone 10 glaze firings.

Studio Membership Benefits

  • AMOCA Museum Membership at the $50 Individual level for the duration of your studio membership.
  • Use of our fully outfitted ceramics studio with a large range of equipment and tools including: 30 wheels, hand-building tables, 3 slab rollers, wedging tables, glaze area, extruders, spray booths, clay-friendly sinks, bats, and sandblaster.
  • Access to AMOCA’s ceramic reference library of over 3,000 books (during Museum hours). A great source of information and inspiration!
  • Access to AMOCA’s photography studio (by appointment only). All equipment and lighting provided except for the camera.
  • A shelf approximately 14″H x 15″D x 45″W to store your clay, tools, and projects. Additional shelving is available for $15 per month.

Work Exchange Program

The work exchange program offers individuals the opportunity to exchange 20 hours of work a month for a one-month ($200) studio membership (does not include clay). Work exchange may involve teaching assistance, processing clay, cleaning, and maintaining the studio. Please make an appointment to learn more.

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