Ceramics Studio – Current Offerings

During the temporary closure due to COVID-19, the Ceramics Studio is finding new ways to fulfill our mission!

  • Semi-private and private studio spaces for all artists, not just ceramic artists. Studios are $350.00 – $700.00.
  • Firing services are still available.
  • Clay may be purchased – in stock are the following: 
    • WC-379 BMix
    • WC-886 BMix with grog and paperclay
    • WC-427 HBCA
    • WC-843 Soldate
    • WC- 415 English Porcelain
    • WC-835 Death Valley
    • WC-382 Half & Half
    • House sculpture clay
    • WC-641 Mexo White – Air dry clay
  • Spring classes are moving online for those interested.
  • Kids classes are moving online for those interested
  • Laura Nave’s workshop has been postponed to June 20th
  • Clay camp – increased registration is April 2nd – $250.00