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Docent Program

Docents at AMOCA make someone else’s day! Docents are trained volunteers who give educational exhibition tours to school children, clubs, or special interest groups. AMOCA is recruiting individuals who are eager to work with people, who are community-minded, and who are interested in the benefits of life-long learning.

You can make a world of a difference in meeting our mission, and in turn can give you a sense of satisfaction knowing you are doing something worthwhile for someone else.

docent-tourWhat is a Docent?

A Docent is a trained educator who volunteers his/her time and expertise. The term comes from the Latin word docere which means “to teach”. Few things are more satisfying than knowing you have helped a visitor to learn and grow. If you enjoy sharing your time and knowledge with visitors, then find out more about this exciting volunteer opportunity.

What are some of the things Docents do?

  • Inspire visitors to explore and discover the wonders of ceramic art.
  • Experience the excitement of watching a student’s face as he or she begins to understand new things.
  • Know that you have made a big difference in the way students learn at AMOCA.

Join our Docent Training Class

The Docent training class will be held during the winter and spring, every other Saturday starting on January 25th for 4 months. The class includes fun and interactive sessions on different ways of engaging students and everyday visitors. You will learn how to use Museum objects and exhibitions to make memorable hands-on experiences for visitors. The training session will include a “how to develop a tour” training session.

The Docent training class also includes trips to other museums that have established docent programs such as the San Bernardino County Museum’s Interpreters, the Olvera Street’s Las Angelitas del Pueblo, the Bowers Museum’s Docent Guild, and the Riverside Art Museum’s Ambassadors to the Arts.

Other learning opportunities cover a variety of topics surrounding ceramic art lectures including California art, Latin America art, Contemporary art, Asian art, and much more!

Discover the Museum’s amazing collections when you go behind the scenes to see our Curators and Collections Manager in action!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

docent-friendsDo I need previous experience as an educator?

No, docents come from many different backgrounds and career fields. The main requirements are good communication skills, enthusiasm for working with visitors, a curious mind, a willingness to learn, and the enthusiasm for ceramic art.

What is the commitment?

We ask Docents to commit to complete the Docent training class of 4 months followed by at least six months of service (August to January) working with school groups and visitors. Docents often volunteer to help the Museum with special programs and weekend events. All docents must currently be AMOCA Members. Membership information can be found on our membership page.

Is there a fee to become a docent?

There is no annual fee to become a docent. All docents must currently be AMOCA Members and pay a one time cost of $20 for the docent training handbook. Membership information can be found on our membership page.

Can I volunteer in other ways while taking the Docent training class?

Yes, there are many volunteer opportunities for Docents-in-training, especially when the Museum holds special programs and weekend events.

What are some of the other great things about volunteering as a Docent?

  • Exciting field trips to other museums and cultural institutions
  • Interaction with curators, researchers, etc.
  • Educational opportunities and social activities
  • Recognition for outstanding service
  • Making new friends!

Yes, I want to volunteer as a Docent! Click here to fill out the Docent Application.