Pictured: Peter Callas: Expressionistic Forms artist workshop, Spring 2022


Upcoming workshop topics and dates are listed below.

If you have a suggestion for a workshop, or are interested in teaching, we’re always happy to hear from you. Email us at studio@amoca.org to start the conversation!

Artist Workshop Series

Quarterly workshops focused on artists and their signature techniques and approaches.

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May 11, 2024 • Form and Finish Demonstration w/Dan Falby

Dan Falby demonstrated his dynamic technique for creating abstract sculptures: by tossing and dropping meticulously prepared clay slabs, Falby invites gravity to shape his work.

October 7 & 8, 2023 • Modular Making w/Natalia Arbelaez

Natalia Arbelaez demonstrated her approach to modular methods of building sculpture; students applied these techniques to their own projects.

September 8, 9, & 10, 2023 • Experimental Shino w/Tom Coleman

Tom Coleman shared techniques he uses in experimental shino firings and the tricks he’s discovered along the way.

April 7, 2023 • Demonstration with MoonDoBang & Adam Field

Moon Byung Sik (MoonDoBang) and Adam Field demonstrated their methods for throwing a variety of wheel-thrown forms.

January 14-15, 2023 • Mette Maya: Abstractions in Clay

Danish artist Mette Maya visited the AMOCA studios for a two-day workshop on surface exploration and alternative building techniques.

November 19-20, 2022 • Christina Erives: Surface and Approach

Breaking Ground: Women in California Clay artist Chrisina Erives came to the AMOCA studios to offer a two-day workshop on surface and approach.

June 19, 2022 • Demonstration with Shiyuan Xu (Chicago / Hangzhou, China)

Xu came to AMOCA for a one-day workshop following a weeklong residency at Idyllwild Arts Academy. Presented in partnership with the Hot Clay program at Idyllwild Arts.

March 26-27, 2022 • Peter Callas: Expressionistic Forms (New Jersey)

The launch of the Artist Workshop Series featured a special masterclass by artist Peter Callas, internationally renowned for his skill and mastery of wood-firing with the Anagama kiln.

Skill Building Workshop Series

A series of weekend workshops focused on specific skills and techniques.

September 7 & 8, 2024 . Skill Building Workshop: Exploring Ceramic Surface Design w/Adrienne Eliades .9 AM – 3 PM Sat & Sun . $350

This hands-on workshop provides an overview to surface decoration techniques from basic underglaze painting to creating intricate designs with combined application methods.

Techniques will include inlay, slip trailing, stenciling, and resist in combination with underglaze and glaze on wet clay and bisqueware. Demonstrations, exercises, and discussions will prompt students to apply personal inspiration and imagery towards the development of a unique style in ceramics decoration.

The objective will be to broaden your surface decoration repertoire by exploring various design solutions with each piece you make. Students will leave with new skills and ideas, greenware pots, and glazed tests fired to mid-range temperature.

This course is open to all skill levels. Hand-builders and wheel throwers are welcome.

September 28 & 29, October 5, 2024 . Skill Building Workshop: Soda Firing w/Nathan Stanfield . 9 AM-5 PM Sat & Sun . $350

**Each student is encouraged to bring between 5-10 pieces for the kiln, each piece no larger than 9″ in any direction, and pieces in varying sizes up to the max height is recommended. White stoneware or porcelain is recommended.** Studio AMOCA will provide some basic test tiles in stoneware, bmix, or porcelain. Ceramic artists of all levels are welcome.

Day 1: Saturday 9/28, 9am-5pm: Glazing, Wadding, Loading

We will begin the first day with a brief explanation of the effects of soda firing and demonstration of how to prepare your work for the firing. We will then begin glazing, decorating, and applying flashing slips to the work. After lunch we will start wadding our pots and getting them in the kiln. We will end the day by beginning to candle the kiln.

Day 2: Sunday 9/29, 9am-5pm: Firing!

We will check the kiln every 30-60 minutes and discuss what to look at and adjust to keep the temperature rising. The results will be logged to create an informational document that is shared later on. If you’d like to join for a portion of the day it is suggested to come between 9am – 2pm, as this is the time we generally will spray the soda solution.

While firing the kiln, participants will learn how to keep safety in mind while participating, check the cones and pyrometer for information, and make adjustments to the damper and gas based on the information gathered. Between kiln checks, Nathan will give instructions on: how the burners work and the different parts they are made of, preparing the soda kiln solution, and designing work for these firings, clays, slips, etc.

Day 3: Saturday 10/5, 10am-2pm: The Big Reveal

On this glorious Saturday we will meet at the kilns to take our first look at the results and discuss what we see. We will unload the kiln, place the work in the studio according to how it was arranged on the shelves, and discuss what we are seeing. Nathan will instruct different methods of cleaning up the pots, removing wadding, and sanding. As a group we will clean up the kiln and kiln pad before packing up our work.

June 29 & 30, July 2, 2024 . Skill Building Workshop: Soda Firing w/Mike Stumbras . 9 AM-5 PM Sat, Sun, & Tues (optional) . $400

In this multi-day workshop, students learned about and participated in the firing of a Cone 10 reduction soda kiln, with special attention paid to achieving spectacular microcrystalline surfaces.

June 8 & 9, 2024 . Skill Building Workshop: Sgraffito for the Narrative Surface w/Kathy King . 9 AM-3 PM Sat & Sun . $350

This weekend workshop focused on using the technique of sgraffito; Kathy King demonstrated different carving tools and how she uses them to create a variety of marks–and the best state of the clay to use them–as well as the methods she uses to transfer drawn images onto the three-dimensional surface.

May 25, 26, & 28, 2024 . Skill Building Workshop: Soda Firing w/Ian Bassett . times vary . $400

Participants joined artist Ian Bassett in the AMOCA studio for a 3-day, hands-on workshop on the topic of soda firing. Participants learned all aspects of the process of soda firing and had the opportunity to fire their own work in AMOCA’s outdoor kiln.

April 5, 6, & 7, 2024 . Ceramic Furniture w/Austin Coudriet . 10 AM-5 PM Fri, Sat, & Sun . $400

During this 3-day, hands-on workshop, participants will fabricated a chair, stool, or side table with 100 lbs of clay. Participants learned Austin’s coil and slab-building techniques, attachments styles, and the importance of moisture control.

December 9, 10, & 12, 2023 . Soda Firing w/Johnny Arvizu . times vary . $350

During this three-day working with Johnny Arvizu, participants learned all aspects of the process of soda firing and had the opportunity to fire their own work in AMOCA’s outdoor kiln.

September 30 & October 1, 2023 . Steins, Beer, & Salt Firing w/T and Jon Pacini . times vary . $300

This two-day workshop (9 AM to 2PM Saturday and 9AM – 4 PM Sunday) includes a combination of presentations, demonstration, and hands-on participation.

August 26, 27, 30, & September 2, 2023 . Soda Firing w/Nathan Stanfield . times vary . $350

This multi-day workshop will walk you through the process of soda firing, from glazing and wadding to kiln loading, firing, and spraying. Participants will learn how to soda fire, fire their own work, and delve into nuances of the firing process.

August 19, 20, & 26, 2023 . Clay Collage w/Breana Ferreira . times vary . $350

In this 3-day workshop students will created layered surfaces on greenware and bisqueware. Participants will learn how to create underglaze transfers, design paper patterns, and plan out a layered composition.

June 24 & 25, 2023 . Figurative Sculpture w/Biliana Popova . 10 AM – 4 PM Sat & Sun . $250

This ceramic sculpture workshop will be full of helpful information on solid sculpting a human figure. The focus will be on interpretation from 2D sketch to 3D format, giving special attention to the anatomy and balance of the sculpture.

June 10, 11, & 17, 2023 . Soda Firing w/Sam Lopez . times vary . $300

This 3-day workshop will introduce students to the soda firing process and will include demonstrations for glazing, loading, firing, and spraying the sodium solution into the kiln.

January 28 & 29, February 1 & 4, 2023 . Soda Firing w/Nathan Stanfield . times vary . $350

This multi-day workshop will walk you through the process of soda firing, from glazing and wadding to kiln loading, firing, and spraying. Participants will learn how to soda fire, fire their own work, and delve into nuances of the firing process.

November 12-13, 2022 . Figurative Sculpture w/Aida Nicole Lugo Cantu . 10 AM – 2 PM Sat & Sun . $150

This two-day bilingual workshop (English & Spanish) will include demonstration and hands-on participation. Class will meet 10 AM to 2 PM each day (Saturday and Sunday). Participants will learn hand-building techniques to create small studies of figurative sculptures.

October 22-23, 2022 . Steins, Beer, & Salt Firing w/T and Jon Pacini . 10 AM – 3 PM / 10 AM – 5PM . $225

Join southern California artists T and Jon Pacini for a Beer Stein-themed weekend! This 2-day workshop will include slide presentations on stein and ale bottle styles and a behind-the-scenes tour of AMOCA’s Mettlach Collection as well as demonstrations and throwing time in the studio. On Saturday, participants will create beer stein and ale bottle shapes on the wheel. On Sunday, we’ll learn lid decoration and handle-making to finish our vessels and get them ready for firing in the salt kiln. The weekend ends with a Sunday afternoon beer tasting.

July 9, 2022 . Architectural Incense Holders w/Eunbi Cho . 10 AM – 3 PM . $75

Join Los Angeles-based artist Eunbi Cho for a three-hour skill building workshop. In this workshop, we’ll create architectural incense holders using hand-building and slab techniques.

April 9-10, 2022 . Mold Making w/Colby Charpentier . 10 AM – 3 PM . $325

Join artist in residence Colby Charpentier for this two-day workshop will cover designing plaster molds primarily for slip casting and press molding clay. We will go over plaster mixing, hand-ladled molds, and multi-part molds. There will be a combination of demonstration and hands-on participation. Students are asked to bring a few small models and ideas. We will choose one plaster mold project per student to work on through the weekend. Some clay experience is helpful.

February 27, 2022 . Clay Whistles w/Colby Charpentier . 10 AM – 1 PM . $75

Join artist in residence Colby Charpentier for a three-hour workshop on whistle-making. This workshop is beginner-friendly and open to ceramicists of all skill levels. Come make some music with us and create your own ceramic ocarina!

November 5-13, 2021 . Soda Firing w/Richard Burkett

Many thanks to Richard Burkett of San Diego for kicking off our return to in person activities with a soda fire workshop November 5-13.

Thanks for your interest in workshops and classes at the AMOCA Ceramics Studio! If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, send us an email at studio@amoca.org or reach us by calling (909) 865-3146.

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