Firing Services, Clay, and Glaze

Artists looking to book firing services, a glaze pass, or purchase clay can make an appointment by emailing or calling (909) 622-0464.

Kilns are typically reserved 2-weeks in advance. Once a firing is booked, a date/time to drop off the work will be scheduled. The name of the clay(s) and glaze(s) must be provided before the work can be loaded into a kiln. Our Lead Studio Technician will load, fire, and unload all work. Notification will be provided when the work is ready for pickup.

Click here to download a pdf of firing fees.

We are delighted to be a distributor for our friends at Laguana Clay products. Call or email us for curbside pickup:

  • LC-2 SABLE BLACK (^10)
  • WC-373 DARK BROWN (^10)
  • WC-379 BMIX smooth (^10)
  • WC-893 BMIX with GROG (^10)
  • WC-427 HBCA (^10)
  • WC-811 JSRH (^10)
  • WC-823 ROD’S BOD (^10)
  • WC-SOLDATE 30 (^10)
  • WC-843 SOLDATE 60 (^10)
  • WC-885 GRANITE (^10)
  • WC-401 BMIX (^5)
  • WC-437 FROST (^5)
  • WC-403 SPECKLED BUFF (^5)

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