Site Unseen: Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers

November 29, 2014—January 31, 2015


sit unseen1
sit unseen2
Myers Berg

Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers have been collaborating for the last eight years. They seek to produce seamless work in which its hard to distinguish where one artist ends and the other begins. Their work often focuses on environmental issues of social constructions and beliefs. Their new installation at AMOCA will be a site-specific piece that reflects the room’s previous use as a bank vault.


Our objective is to distill the stereotypical perceptions and associations within our culture into visually compelling objects, sculptures, and installations. Whether we are creating an installation describing the impending doom of the dinosaurs or a valise filled with gold lucky charms, our iconography is drawn from the animals, objects, and/or situations that operate as commonplace tropes within our culture. We take these generic stand-ins and invest them with multiple meanings through humorous allusions. The aesthetic decisions we make are informed by the consumer culture we inhabit and our desire to create ultra-smooth forms and high gloss finishes that seduce the viewer. Although each individual piece we create may be understood on its own terms, the pieces within each exhibition reinforce one another and manifest connections, which make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

—Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers