AMOCA Ceramics Studio is here to support your creativity!

With social distancing requirements, the Ceramics Studio has shifted its offerings by expanding the number of private and semi-private studio spaces. Until further notice – studio memberships, on-site classes, and workshops have been canceled or postponed. Below are the services that are currently available:

The studio has 52 private and semi-private studios available for rent (from $175-$800 a month). Resident Artists have 24/7 access to the ceramics studio and free parking. Please email studio@amoca.org for more information and current availability.

In 2012, the Artist in Residence program at AMOCA was launched and Bobbie Free from Montana became the inaugural artist-in-residence. From those humble beginnings, artists accepted into the program over the next six years were afforded a semi-private studio space, 24/7 access to studio facilities, and equipment for one to six months. In the fall of 2018, David Armstrong provided the means necessary for a local furnished apartment, within walking distance, to be provided to artists as part of the residency program. In 2019, Laguna Clay (a regional ceramics supply company) became an annual program sponsor and now provides artists a clay stipend. The Windgate Foundation made a significant grant in the spring of 2020 to double the size of the program and underwrite it through 2022. Click here for more information.

The is closed to the public. To make an appointment email studio@amoca.org or call 909.622.0464.

Appointment available for:

  • Drop off greenware
  • Look for bisqueware
  • Glaze bisqued pieces

For those of you working at home, the following delivery services are available:

  • Greenware pick-up
  • Glaze delivery
  • Delivery of finished work

The following clay is currently available. Limited delivery service is available.
We are also a distributor for Laguana Clay products. Contact us for a complete list of products.

  • WC-370 AMADOR – $11.00
  • WC-373 DARK BROWN – $11.00
  • WC-379 BMIX smooth – $13.00
  • WC-893 BMIX with GROG – $15.00
  • WC-894 HALF & HALF – $15.00
  • WC-415 ENGLISH PORCELAIN – $26.00
  • WC-427 HBCA SPEC. cone 7-10 – $15.00
  • WC-811 JSRH – $12.00
  • WC-823 ROD’S BOD – $11.00
  • WC-835 DEATH VALLEY RED – $11.00
  • WC-SOLDATE 30 – $11.00
  • WC-843 SOLDATE 60 -$11.00
  • WC-885 GRANITE – $17.00

Firing services are available. If you would like to rent a kiln, email studio@amoca.org or call 909.622.0464. At least 2-week notice is requested for kiln reservations.

Per Piece Firing Fee (bisque or glaze)
Members: $0.03 per cubic inch • Non-Members: $0.05 per cubic inch
To calculate the cost to fire your work, simply measure H” x W” x D” and then multiply that number by the fee. Example: 5”x4”x4”=80 cubic inches x $.03 = $2.40

By The Gas Kiln Load
Firing Fee does not include technician fee.

10 Cubic Foot Geil Gas Kiln
Full load of bisque (cone 06-cone 04) $65.00 Members • $125 Non-Members
Full load of glaze cone 10 = $100.00 Members • $175 Non-Members

20 Cubic Foot Geil Gas Kiln
Full load of bisque (cone 06-cone 04) $130.00 Members • $200 Non-Members
Full load of glaze cone 10 $200 Members • $300 Non-Members

40 Cubic Foot Geil Gas Kiln
Full load of bisque (cone 06-cone 04) $235.00 Members • $325 Non-Members
Full load of glaze cone 10 $385.00 Members • $450 Non-Members

Rules for firing
All artists must sign a firing services contract.
All gas kilns will be loaded, programmed, fired, and unloaded by staff.
Artists may participate, but will not load, program, fire, and unload gas kilns alone.
If you damage a shelf due to your glazing technique or the construction of your piece you are responsible for replacing with a new shelf.
If you damage a kiln you will be charged accordingly.

Sponsor a resident artist for one month for a $300 donation. Sponsorship includes a 6′ x 6′ studio space and a clay stipend.

Contribute to our Studio Equipment Fund – any amount keeps our kilns, mixers, and other equipment running smoothly.

Please contact Heidi at hkreitchet@amoca.org or call 909-622-0464.

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The Studio is open by appointment Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

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