AMOCA Ceramic Annual: Biomorphic • October 8–November 27, 2016

On View:October 8–November 27, 2016
Opening Reception:Saturday, October 8, 6–9PM

The American Museum of Ceramic Art is proud to announce its inaugural AMOCA Ceramics Juried Annual. The theme for 2016 is biomorphism and highlights current trends of biomorphic exploration in the field of ceramics. The exhibition includes sculptural and functional biomorphic work investigating form and surface reminiscent of plants, animals, and living organisms.

Eva Champagne, Carol Gouthro, Laura Haight, KoungHwa Oh, and Carrie Longley

Juried Artists
Ted Adler, Caitlin Albritton, M.C. Armstrong, Sasha Bakaric, Hayne Bayless, Nina Berinstein, Karen Blankenship, Dino Capaldi, Jessica Calderwood, Sara Catapano, Alexandra Corrin, Phillip Counselman, Kit Davenport, Wendy DeLeon, Gina Lawson Egan, Melody Evans, Julia Feld, Whitney Forsyth, Meaghan Gates, Raymond Gonzalez, Sarah Hagan, Jennifer Halli, Kristina Hamm, Shane Harris, Kirsten Heteji, Brooke Hine, Stephen Horn, Beth Huhtala, Sally Jackson, Laura Jacobson, David Kiddie, David Knorr, Heidi Kreitchet, Malia Landis, Stephanie Lanter, Kim Lingo, Arline Link, Sarah Logan, Joshua Maier, Laurie Morris, Mark Muscarello, CJ Niehaus, Helen Otterson, Katie Queen, Sara Parent-Ramos, Denise Romecki, Raymond Rorke, Christine Rose, Angelica Sandoval, Elizabeth Shiver, Cynthia Siegel, Jamie Bates Slone, Maria Spiess, Keri Straka, Shannon Sullivan, Brittany Sundheim, Lauren Tolbert, David Traylor, Mallory Wetherell, Katie White, Heather Wright, Shiyuan Xu, and Fred Yokel.

Cj Jilek

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