Lineage: Mentorship & Learning • January 16–June 19, 2016

Image: Keiko Fukazawa
On View:January 16–June 19, 2016

Lineage: Mentorship & Learning highlights the impact and importance of the teacher/student relationship. This exhibition illustrates the thread connecting multiple generations of ceramic artists, from Peter Voulkos to today’s students.

For decades there has been an impressive variety and strength in California’s college and university ceramic programs. AMOCA invited 25 current educators from the state to participate in Lineage. In addition to inviting the educators to exhibit their own work in the show, we asked them to identify their most influential instructors or mentors and to nominate their most promising students or recent alumni. A panel then reviewed the nominations and selected which artists to include in the exhibition. The artwork in Lineage ranges from functional to sculptural with the artists exploring a wide range of forms, techniques, and narratives.

 AMOCA is proud to feature the work of the past, present, and future of ceramics and education:

Su Young Arnold
Ralph Bacerra
Brandon Bateman
Tanya Batura
Timothy Berg &
Rebekah Myers
Luis Bermudez
Kelsey Bowen
Richard Burkett
Johann Choi
Benjamin Cirgin
Patsy Cox
Patrick S. Crabb
Jessica Rae Crocker
Val Cushing
Audry Deal-McEver
Rick Dillingham
Jeff Downing
Benjamin Joseph Dunmire
Camila Friedman-Gerlicz
Keiko Fukazawa
Forrest Gard
Alina Hayes
Katherine Hermida
Wayne Higby
John W. Hopkins
Stephen L. Horn
Stanton Hunter
Samuel Jernigan
Shane Keena
David Kiddie
Jungmok Sona Lee
Sam Lopez
Lauren Ashley Lowrey
Nathan Lynch
Pedro Magaña
Tony Marsh
Timothy Martinez
John Mason
Jim Melchert
Robert Miller
Gerardo Monterrubio
Joe Morales
Crystal Morey
Kevin Myers
Ron Nagle
Rosa Novak
Michael Peed
Rex Platero
Ken Price
Don Reitz
Jeffrey Richards
Jenny Rosen
Jerry Rothman
Adrian Saxe
Jay Schmidt
Tiffany Schmierer
Nancy Selvin
Carly Slade
Paul Soldner
Victor Spinski
James Stewart
Vincent Suez
Howard Tollefson
Elizabeth Torrance
Monica Van Den Dool
Peter Voulkos
Evan Walker
Andrea Williams
Mary Cale A. Wilson
John Wood II
Kelsey Zwarka