Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Donald M. Pattison, President – Senior Philanthropy Advisor (ret.), Pomona College, Claremont, CA
Kent Tool, Vice President & Interim Treasurer – Ceramist & Retired Human Resource Officer, San Francisco, CA
Jeffrey J. Warnock, Secretary – Ceramicist & Sculptor, San Francisco, CA
Raulee Marcus – Branding and Marketing Executive, Hermosa Beach, CA
David Armstrong, Founder – Business Owner & Property Developer, Claremont, CA


Lynn Ballantyne, President, MLB Inc., Goleta, CA
Robert J. Dea, Vice President of Corp. Sponsorship, Public Media Group of Southern California, Azusa, CA
Roy DeSelms, Mettlach Expert, Retired Chemist, Asheville, NC
George McGough, Collections Volunteer, Claremont, CA
Salvador Perez, Ceramic Artist; Sculpture and Ceramic Teacher, Monrovia High School, San Dimas, CA
Susan Sasaki, Community Volunteer, Pomona, CA
Nancy Selvin, Ceramic Artist; Berkeley, CA
John Toki, Ceramicist; former President of Leslie Ceramics, Berkeley, CA
Bryan Vansell, Mission Clay Products, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Mark Walsh, Artist; Community Volunteer, Pomona, CA


Kimberly Andrade, Museum Store & Guest Services Manager – museumstore@amoca.org
Tim Decker, Ceramics Studio Technician – studiotech@amoca.org
Beth Ann Gerstein, Executive Director- bgerstein@amoca.org
Rachel Jorgensen, Ceramics Studio Manager- studiomanager2@amoca.org
Heidi Kreitchet, Ceramics Studio Director – hkreitchet@amoca.org
Lenny Larson, Ceramics Studio Manager- studiomanager3@amoca.org
Jo Lauria, Adjunct Curator
Mike Petry, Information Technology Consultant – mpetry@amoca.org
Paul Roach, Director of Advancement & Communications – proach@amoca.org
Ashley Rowley, Education and Membership Manager – education@amoca.org
Anna Sanchez, Collections Manager – collections@amoca.org
Nathan Stanfield, Exhibitions Manager – exhibitions@amoca.org
Cyndi Vitko, Bookkeeper & Finance – accounting@amoca.org


Alyson Brandes, Getty Marrow Undergraduate Intern
Antoinette Ibarra, Collections Intern

Volunteers & Docents

Kat Hopkins, Studio & Collections
Judy Jacobs, Docent
Susan Malloy, Docent
Lisa Soiseth, Docent

What’s Online

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399 N Garey Ave Pomona, CA 91767
909.865.3146 | info@amoca.org
The museum is currently closed to the public due to the COVID-19.

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