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Event Schedule

All times are Pacific Standard Time.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

910 AM: AMOCA Member Preview
10 AM4 PM: Open to the Public

Sunday, November 15, 2020

910 AM: AMOCA Member Preview
10 AM4 PM: Open to the Public

Marketing Information

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We’re tracking the hashtag #nationalclay on Instagram and Facebook – if you add it to your posts, we’ll repost/reshare.

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Marketing Resources


Anyone who makes a purchase of $25 will receive a complimentary upgrade to the next level when they purchase a membership at AMOCA before the end of the year. More information about membership levels here.

Any AMOCA member that sends a receipt of $25 or more from the sale to membership@amoca.org will receive a complimentary catalog from the AMOCA collection (value: $20-$30).

Booth Central Orientation

The video walks you through how to edit your information, and also gives you a link to preview the event and test out the video chat.

In case you can’t find the link to test out the sale site, make sure you’re logged in and then click here: https://my.boothcentral.com/v/events/amocas-national-clay-open-studio-sale/live

For the video chat, it’s not mentioned in the video, but you can remove someone from the chat by clicking on the people list and clicking the phone icon.

Please double check that your link on Booth Central goes directly to your store.

If you want to test out the video chat or have any questions, send an email to proach@amoca.org.