Alyssa Martinez, Rollie Pollie, Esperanza High School ’20

Virtual Exhibition Dates: May 2–31, 2020
Opening Reception: May 2, 2020 @ Noon

An annual juried show featuring 74 finalists from 27 Southern California High Schools, striving to inspire and recognize young artists achieving excellence in their own creative endeavors.

Due to the temporary closure related to COVID-19, this exhibition has been moved online.

Virtual Awards Ceremony

Broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook on May 2, 2020.

Visitor’s Choice Award

Jake Alvarez, From the Depths, Huntington Beach High School ’22. Teacher: Garrett Stryker.



This program generously funded provided, in part, through grants from the Ruth and Joseph C. Reed Foundation for the Arts and the DEW Foundation.


Yareni Acosta ’20, Javier Arroyo ’20, Hector Bautista ’20, Adam Blokdyk ’20, Meri Bojolyan ’20, Maggi Brown ’20, Steve, Sihyun Cho ’20, Anna Coomans ’20, Natalie Coomans ’20, Megan Cuba ’20, Ascher Deegan ’20, Milla Durfee ’20, Angela Estrada ’20, Ashley Ethier ’20, Emma Fukunaga ’20, Madison Gersbacher ’20, Ximena Herrera ’20, Andrew Jerome ’20, Shelby Kain ’20, Shannon Kennedy ’20, Karen Le ’20, Samantha Lee Baladejo ’20, Abraham Lopez ’20, Sabrina Luevano ’20, Riley Lusier ’20, Francis Malloy ’20, Rachel Marrero ’20, Alyssa Martinez ’20, Mason Mearsch ’20, Jazlim Mendez ’20, Jasleen Mendoza ’20, Monica Meza ’20, Walter Morrison ’20, Taylor Papasima ’20, Brisa Parra ’20, Lucas Pearson ’20, Riley Pettitt ’20, Brady Ramirez ’20, Angelina Sandoval ’20, Kodie Spann ’20, Makala Stevenson ’20, Noelle Tamura ’20, Mina Tapia ’20, Isabel Taulli ’20, Lauren Tellez ’20, Marcos Vargas ’20, Raymond Walker ’20, Felicita Basilio ’21, Nick Blumberg ’21, Samantha Castro ’21, Melody Rose Chiong ’21, Abbey Christopher ’21, Joey David ’21, Joey Farias ’21, Evelyn Manzano ’21, Jose Nieto ’21, Leslie Nunez ’21, Lucas Pierce ’21, Kiara Salgado ’21, David Aguilar ’22, Jake Alvarez ’22, Kaliani Boden ’22, Sandra Duong ’22, Itzel Gonzalez ’22, Samantha Lopez ’22, Ian Mead ’22, Dylan Mealey ’22, Camille-Marie Pai ’22, Julianne Perez ’22, Allison Yu ’22, Sydney Dorame ’23, Rowan Kurth-White ’23, Darwin Melchiorre ’23, and Taylor Torres ’23.


Bassett High School, California School of the Arts, Cerritos High School, Chadwick School, Claremont High School, Crescenta Valley High School, El Dorado High School, El Toro High School, Esperanza High School, Flintridge Prep School, Foothill High School, Herbert Hoover High School, Huntington Beach High School, La Salle College Preparatory, La Salle High School, La Sierra High School, Ontario High School, San Gabriel High School, Santiago High School, Silverado High School, Tustin High School, Valencia High School, Brentwood School, Calencia High School, Montclair High School, Chaffey High School, Gorman Learning Center Charter School, and Sage Oak Charter Schools.


The list below is incomplete – please let us know if you can help us complete it. Send teacher information to, and thanks!

June Abrams (Foothill High School), Michael Brail (El Toro High School), James Estrada (Montclair High School), Mike Flower (Crescenta Valley High School), Ysabel Gray (Tustin High School), Erina Higa (Chaffey High School), Kevin Kowalski (Esperanza High School), Juliet Kurth (Homeschool & Gorman Learning Center Charter School), Adam Maron (California School for the Arts San Gabriel Valley), Lolbette Moreno (Bassett High School), Anne Mumper (Claremont High School), Tina Naif (La Sierra High School), Biliana Popova (Flintridge Prep School), Garrett Stryker (Huntington Beach High School), Viki Yamashita (Cerritos High School), Kate Williams (La Salle College Preparatory) and Viki Yamashita (Cerritos High School).

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