Soldaderas: Mujeres De Vanguardia


September 14–November 3, 2013

The American Museum of Ceramic Art is proud to present Soldaderas: Mujeres de vanguardia (Avant-Garde Women), a colorful and inviting exhibition of Oaxaca, Mexico’s leading female Folk Ceramic Artists. Folk Art is defined as the “art of the people” and thereby is analogous to “family.” The fundamental force behind Folk Art is indeed family, whose tradition of pictorially telling stories through clay originates from a 2000 year history.

This vibrant exhibition includes themes of religious, mundane, and whimsical imagery that celebrate the women and people who represent the very soul and history of Mexico. Soldaderas is a Spanish term given to the female soldiers who fought alongside men during the Mexican Revolution. The term here is appropriated to describe the leading female Oaxacan Folk Ceramic Artists of the past and present. This exhibition features work by renowned artist Josefina Aguilar, alongside Teodora Blanco, Doña Rosa, Dolores Porras, and Enedina Vasquez.

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