Museum plans to reopen in June!

Updated April 1, 2021

Thanks to two anonymous gifts totaling $150,000, designated as a dollar-for-dollar challenge, the Museum began work on a long-overdue renovation project during the pandemic closure. This is the first capital improvement project since the completion of Exhibition Gallery B in 2016. Existing spaces will be reimagined, including a much-needed expansion of the education and lecture space; a new kids makerspace; a collection study room with open storage displays; a reading area; and new accessible restrooms. These new and renovated spaces will support the educational and outreach offerings that make AMOCA such a vibrant, diverse, and unique institution and community.

We hope to be far enough along in the renovation to open the museum in June with a new exhibition “Don Reitz: This is Not a Dress Rehearsal”. Additional information on opening dates and hours will be shared through AMOCA’s website and e-news.


Beth Ann Gerstein
Executive Director