Friendship Forged in Fire: British Ceramics in America

Friendship Forged in Fire

February 9–May 5, 2013

In February, the American Museum of Ceramic Art will feature a provocative international exhibit entitled Friendship Forged in Fire: British Ceramics in America. This exhibition will feature British pottery in thematic and chronological order, from the industrial potteries of the Victorian Era to the Arts & Crafts Movement, while exploring the traditionalist approach of Bernard Leach and his followers. Modern ceramic artists will be represented by the works of Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, and Ruth Duckworth. The largest segment of the exhibition will display contemporary innovations of postmodern ceramic art being created in Great Britain today.

The historic relationship between Great Britain and the United States spans decades and is deeply valued on both sides of the pond. Emerging from the alliances forged in the world wars in the first half of 20th century, both British and American societies have benefited from the infusion of each other’s cultural contributions. Ceramics and ceramic collecting has been no different in this regard. The British ceramic art displayed in this exhibit is largely loaned from the private collections of California connoisseurs. These treasured artifacts testify to the regard and appreciation that American collectors hold for British ceramics.

As part of the exhibition, Steven Dixon, a native of England, will produce a work‐in-progress installation piece, a continuation of his acclaimed Monopoly series produced for the British Ceramics Biennial. Dixon’s piece will make use of found ceramic objects and contributions from the local clay community. This installation will further explore the connections between the USA and the UK and how that “special relationship” is perceived in California.

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