Pictured: Jindra Viková, Whispering. Ceramic, 1997. Gift of Igal and Diane Silber.

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On View:April 1–October 8, 2023
Member Preview:March 31, 2023, 2–4 PM
Opening Reception:April 1, 2023, 4–6 PM
Members Tour:June 7, 2023, 12 PM & September 20, 2023
Catalog:From a Gift to a Collection: Igal & Diane Silber

From a Gift to a Collection: Igal & Diane Silber – Exhibition Overview

From a Gift to a Collection: Igal & Diane Silber celebrates AMOCA’s recent acquisition of more than 300 ceramic pieces collected by Igal and Diane Silber. The exhibition presents a selection of 100 works from this unparalleled collection, representing artists from Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, and North America.

Over 90 artists, hailing from South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, Canada, Turkey, Israel, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, England, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Austria, have work included in From a Gift to a Collection.

Approximately 60% of the work shown has origins beyond North America, and about two-thirds of the objects on view in From a Gift to a Collection relate to functional forms and vessels; the other third are figurative, sculptural, or narrative.

Artists represented in the Igal and Diane Silber Collection:

  • Gunhild Aaberg
  • Beate Andersen
  • Kent Anderson
  • Laura Andreson
  • Bruno & Ingeborg Asshoff
  • Jeri Au
  • Felicity Aylieff
  • Gordon Baldwin
  • Heiner Balzar
  • Pat Baskett
  • Maria Baumgartner
  • Curtis & Suzan Benzle
  • Nicholas Bernard
  • Betty Blandino
  • Doug Blechner
  • Robert Brady
  • Alison Britton
  • David Brokenshire 
  • Alan Caiger-Smith
  • Willliam Catling
  • Edouard Chapallaz
  • Joanna Constantinidis
  • Emmanuel Cooper
  • Philip Cornelius
  • Clara “Kitty” Couch
  • Kris Cox
  • Patrick Shia Crabb
  • David Crane
  • Jean Claude de Crousaz
  • Hans de Jong
  • Dora de Larios
  • Rick Dillingham
  • Carmen Dionyse
  • Ruth Duckworth
  • Ken Eastman
  • Geoffrey Eastop
  • Larry Elsner
  • Kathy Erteman
  • Cathy Fleckstein
  • Isabel Barba Formosa
  • Maria Geszler-Garzuly
  • David Gilhooly
  • Horst Goebbels
  • Harvey Goldman
  • Crispin Gonzalez
  • Chris Gustin
  • Babs Haenen
  • Barbara Hashimoto
  • Peter Hayes
  • Steven Heinemann
  • Otto & Vivika Heino 
  • Ewen Henderson
  • David Hicks
  • Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor
  • Anne Hirondelle
  • Richard Hirsch
  • Brigitte Hohlt-Schuller
  • Horst Kerstan
  • Glynn Hugo
  • Keiichi Idehara
  • Yoshiro Ikeda
  • Randy Johnston
  • Jan Mckeachie Johnston
  • Marsha Judd
  • Karen Karnes
  • Alison Keogh
  • MyungJin Kim
  • Gerd Knapper
  • Ron Kovatch
  • Wilhelm & Elly Kuch
  • Maria Kuczynska
  • Beate Kuhn
  • Geert Lap
  • Jean-Pierre Larocque
  • James Lawton
  • David Leach
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Hee Sun Lee
  • Vivienne Legg
  • Avra Leodas
  • Eileen Lewenstein
  • James Lovera
  • Warren MacKenzie
  • Jeannie Mah
  • John Maltby
  • Kirk Mangus
  • Louis Marak
  • Tony Marsh
  • Kazuko Kayasuga Matthews
  • Beverly Mayeri
  • Harrison McIntosh
  • Otto Meier
  • Ron Meyers
  • Jon Middlemiss
  • Jeffrey Mongrain
  • Mike Moran
  • Kristen Morgin
  • Malene Müllertz
  • Thomas Naethe
  • Yun-Donq Nam
  • Otto & Gertrud Natzler
  • Eileen Nisbet
  • Jeff Oestreich
  • Thomas Orr
  • John Parker
  • Colin Pearson
  • Donna Polseno
  • Sara Radstone
  • Elizabeth Raeburn
  • Ted Randall
  • Brian Ransom
  • Beate Reinheimer
  • Barbara Reisinger
  • Mary Rich
  • Dame Lucie Rie
  • David Roberts
  • Rosenthal Studio Line
  • Jerry Rothman
  • Rick Rudd
  • Will Ruggles & Douglass Rankin
  • Harvey Sadow
  • Aisaku Suzuki
  • Karl Scheid 
  • Sebastian Scheid
  • Ursula Scheid
  • Margarete Schott
  • Brad Schwieger
  • Nancy Selvin
  • David Shaner
  • Tatsuo Shimaoka
  • Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye
  • Ray Silverman
  • Michael Simon
  • Paul Soldner
  • Shawn Spangler
  • Kurt Spurey
  • Wendelin Stahl
  • Julian Stair
  • Susanne Stephenson
  • Dick Studley
  • Robert Sturm
  • Geoffrey Swindell
  • Rita Ternes
  • Inger Thing
  • Dorothee Colberg Tjadens
  • Kyoko Tonegawa
  • Xavier Toubes
  • Judy Trim
  • Tom Turner
  • Johan van Loon
  • Fritz Vehring
  • Vera Vehring
  • Angela Verdon
  • Nicholas Vergette
  • Jindra Viková
  • Ulla Viotti
  • John Ward
  • Hans Georg Weber
  • Gerald Weigel
  • Gotlind Weigel
  • Kurt Weiser
  • Petra Weiss
  • Maria White
  • Mary White
  • Marguerite Wildenhain
  • Paula Winokur
  • Robert Winokur
  • Makoto Yabe
  • Varda Yatom
  • Sunkoo Yuh

Igal and Diane Silber began collecting art early in their marriage. Initially they were most attracted to contemporary figurative painting and sculpture. Then, in the late 1970s, the Silbers received the gift of a green crater glazed bowl by Otto and Gertrud Natzler from their friends, Robert Logan and Robert Cugno. The gift of this bowl, clearly a serious work of art, invited the Silbers to consider ceramics as an art form worthy of further study and pursuit. While at first the Silbers focused their ceramics collection on the vessel form, their interests gradually shifted to include figurative and sculptural works as well.

The Silbers added to their collection not by choosing pieces by famous artists, or by seeking to round out missing elements. Instead, Diane shares, “each piece was selected because of its impact on us.” While building a significant contemporary ceramic collection may not have been the Silbers’s initial goal, it was an endeavor that brought the couple joy and allowed them to learn about and meet countless fascinating international artists. As members of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), the Silbers traveled the world, befriended many artists, and continued to collect varied and compelling pieces. Collecting, both an appreciation of creativity and a creative process in itself, turned out to be an enriching gift for Silbers throughout their lives together.

This exhibition was funded in part by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

AMOCA gives thanks to Diane Silber for her donation of this exceptional collection.

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